Who is Jenny?

Who is Jenny?

Hi guys!

Who am I and what is up with this corner?

jenny headshotYou already have the obvious down, I’m Jenny, SMASH’s senior copywriter and PVA. If you read or subscribe to our SMASH Flash newsletter or Scoop, I am the pen behind those pieces. If you’ve seen any of our Personal Virtual Assistant demos, or the presentation video, that’s also me! http://smashersblog.com/getting-started/

 A professional writer based in Los Angeles, my writing career started as a comedy playwright, branched out into screenwriting (hence, LA) and I have freelanced for several major publications, websites and news stations. I am a sardonic, animal loving, hopeful, gypsy soul, who never, ever, ever gives up. Relentless, resilient — with plenty of scars to prove it. A little feral and a whole lot of misfit :)

 The purpose of this blog?

 We’ll cover contemporary topics, marketing madness and our common goal of becoming fabulously wealthy. We’ll train to think in terms of “gain” and what it means to think like a wealthy person. Stuffed in between all of this will be plenty of motivational tips to keep your glass always gleamingly half full (or spilling over).

 Oh and I’m not into whiners. Or self-pitiers. We at SMASH, are firm believer that YOU control your destiny. Yes, we’re all given a different hand in life, but nobody is handed a full deck. Ponder that the next time you enviously sneer at someone you believe has it all.  It’s up to each one of us to find the rest of those cards, and that journey is what I see as fulfillment.

 Welcome to our road trip.

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