Weekly Widget 1.12.2015

Weekly Widget 1.12.2015


Hi Smashers~


Are you still playing phone tag with clients? Does it seem like they have to make an appointment, just to make an appointment?
If the answer is yes, then it’s time you got hip to SMASH’s new Appointment Link Calendar.

Designed to minimize wasted time spent on missed calls and overlooked emails, the Appointment Link Calendar gets clients and prospects on the phone and in your office without any of the hassle, aggravation and lost revenue. Thanks to this automated feature, clients can simply browse through your calendar, view your availability and book their next appointment with you! No muss, no fuss – and no missing out!

Here’s how you can easily setup your own Appointment Link Calendar and get in on the action!

Setting up Appointment Link Calendar

  1. Log into your SMASH account
  2. Click on Calendar Module
  3. Click on the date.
  4. Select appointment slot at the top of the dialog box
  5. Click Edit Slot Link
  6. This takes you to the setup page where you can set appointment link preferences
  7. You can have people set appointments with you by giving them the public calendar link shown at the very top of your Edit Preference page.  In addition, you can also quickly grab your public calendar link by clicking appointment on your SMASH Calendar and selecting click here for public link.
  8. And Voila! Your now available for appointments!

NOTE: We recommend that you purchase a URL by visiting http://SMASHDomainNames.com  to make it easier for your clients , prospect or team to navigate to your calendar. SMASH is an official GoDaddy provider and domains purchased through us actually save you a bit!

Want more? Check out our full calendar training video here.

We’d love to hear more about how the Appointment Link Calendar works for you! Drop us a line at marketing@smashsolutions.com and give us an update!


Make it a great day!

Your SMASH Solutions Team

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