System Update 2.10.14

System Update 2.10.14

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SMASH Social replaces SMASH Buzz Wall  GO THERE

Updated Social Feed
Social Page
Browse Members
New SMASH Storage –  GO THERE
New Events Area – GO THERE
• Post new events
• see your local area events
• most popular
• Most attending
• Most liked
Classifieds – GO THERE
• Post a new listing
• Browse Listings
Photo Albums – GO THERE
• Import from – GO THERE
• Facebook
• Picasa
• Flicker
• Instagram
Post and share with
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
Polling – GO THERE
NEW Advertising Area
• Ad Board
• Reports
YouTube Video Feed Integration – GO THERE

Coming Soon to SMASH

  • New Blog Area
    Create your own new blogs
    Browse by categories
    Import existing blogs from WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or URL

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