Socially Awkward Online?

Socially Awkward Online?

Hi guys!

Do you ever feel like a wallflower at your OWN COMPUTER? I know this sounds bizarre especially since I work for a tech company (SMASH of course) that’s rolling out all this cool, innovative stuff, but I’m always the one everyone has to drag out the whiteboard for and write down play by play log in action. It’s so easy for me to get overwhelmed by all the different social sites available, that often times I just choose to “sit this one out.”

That’s why I am seriously SO excited about SMASH Social. Log in once and this social media platform is the portal to ALL your online socializing needs. Want to like something on Facebook, pin pictures to Pinterest, Tweet a few pals AND post to Instagram? You can do all of this and so much MORE with SMASH Social! Everything from posting, liking, uploading photos, music, blogging, playing games – you name it! For those of you that don’t take advantage of multiple social platforms because logging into a hundred different places is a pain in the keister, THIS will change your social status! I know I’m looking forward to changing mine!

Feel free to comment at the bottom of this post and tell me what you do most on social media!


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