Social Media Sensation - We're Baaaack!

Social Media Sensation – We’re Baaaack!

Bus_Woman_ideas swirling_v4_179214119Hi Smashers~


I know, I know – it’s been forever since we’ve blogged! There’s been a lot of exciting developments over here at SMASH and though we haven’t been posting regularly (we like surprises!) our loyal readers have been on our minds – and quite frankly in our plans, as we work to bring SMASH into everyone’s homes.

And exactly how are we going to do that?

As always, we have many things in the works, like new features and enhancements being released daily – but the one I’m talking about is a bit more social.

Yep, you guessed it! We’re ramping up our social strategy and everyone’s invited!

Business man - up anteWhy are we upping the ante?

Unfortunately social media is one of those things that everyone knows they need, but only about 1%  of the “experts” – actually have a clue.

Social is SO much more than just posting, playing around on Facebook or uploading a few products posts on Instagram. It requires a unique posting strategy, precise timing and a knowledge of your fanbase (down to what kind of cars they drive) to really build an audience that will engage. Let’s face it, not you or me or anybody in between wants to see a thousand product posts a month – or be sold to (yuck)on social media. After all, that’s why we call it social. It’s meant to engage, entertain and encourage people to return to your page time and time again.The social recipe is different for each company – and the one we’ve got cooking is an elite dish of strategy, skill, personality and purpose.

Our goal? To have each of our member’s have access to the kind of social media that cracks open your business and puts you on the map and above the competition. Starting this fall we’ll be debuting a brand spankin’ new Success U – complete with never been seen before curriculum, in-house training and strategy workshops to attract and engage the right fanbase.

Whew! Sounds like a lot, right?

We’re just getting started! The best news? We’ll be offering private one on one consultations with SMASH’s very own elite social strategist, known nationwide for his innovative campaigns, outreach programs and social branding.

200393258-001This is ALL coming to SMASH!

Ready for your social to be a superiorly strategized machine? Starting this week we are opening a waiting list to meet with our new social strategist so keep your eye out for the official announcement! Space will be limited, so make sure to sign up FAST! We’ll be contacting the first 20 people next week with an incredible social offer!

He already has one name on the list! Yours truly :)

You didn’t think I was going to let that opportunity pass me by!

‘Til next time Smasher!


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