Social Media Strategy: How to Beat Facebook Zero

Social Media Strategy: How to Beat Facebook Zero

Hey Smashers!

How are you handling Facebook Zero?

manw_tabletIf that sentence made you roll your eyes, raise an eyebrow (or raised your blood pressure) then you’ve stumbled across the right place. Social marketing changes daily, but Facebook locking down its reach on non-sponsored posts has been so extreme that there’s been an apocalypse-worthy name attributed to the entire process. While nobody doubts the benefits of social media, people are doubting Facebook. Your organic Facebook post could potentially reach less than 2% of your fanbase. If you have 1,000 fans perhaps 20 (or less) will see any given post.

Go ahead and scream.

When I spoke with SMASH’s resident social media strategist, George Healy, he told me that “a Facebook expert’s job, thanks to Facebook Zero has gotten considerably harder. The old strategies aren’t working – and if they do, they take three times longer to execute.”

For a medium that already doesn’t play by the rules – it’s no surprise that many people just got flat out discouraged. I can’t begin tell you how many friends who rely on Facebook as their company’s sole social media strategy came to me, completely freaked out. I wasn’t alone. George’s past clients and fellow colleagues were calling him left and right – ready to boycott the social marketing giant.

“It was really upsetting at first. Social experts that I’ve respected for years in the industry threatened to give up on Facebook all together. One national-scale company cut their Facebook budget to almost nothing, while others pulled away completely. I understood, where they were coming from of course, but Facebook is a critical marketing component you can’t just walk away from – you have to find a way to play chess and not just get up from the board. So, I set out to create a training that would help others execute expert level social strategies that get the results – Facebook Zero or not.” said George.

That training George set out to create is our new SSMO On The Go, SMASH’s new and advanced level social marketing webinar that will teach you how to crush the odds and get head turning social results.

With George at the helm you’ll have access to the tricks and tips that only the pros know. Here’s just a sneak peek into what you’ll learn:


  • Cutting-edge updates
  • Actionable strategies for every business
  • How to choose the right posts
  • Detailed ROI information for you business.
  • Ways to track your competitors
  • How land clients and new business via social outreach
  • Social advertising best practices
  • Mobile marketing
  • How to use and get the most out of Facebook Power Editor ( the #1 asked advanced social question of 2014)

…and a whole lot more.

This webinar is an advanced level discussion and perfect for those of you that have already completed Success U!

Excited yet? I know I am! For more information and to sign up for SSMO on The Go visit our website at

We’ll see you in the room (take that Facebook Zero!)



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  • Kevin Kern says:

    June 24, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    Looks like great information…

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