SMASH Scoop 6.13.14

SMASH Scoop 6.13.14


Hi Smashers~

It’s here! It’s here! personalized video email is finally here!

Time to get camera ready, because now you can record your own thoughtful words, meeting reminders or birthday greetings and post them directly onto a pre made template or create your very own customized template. Choose from a variety of templates: business, leisure, holidays – or just to say hello. Simply follow the keys in the recording box, run a comb through your hair and you’re ready to record! Once you’ve recorded your message, playback (we suggest checking your teeth :0 ) and then simply push send!

A bit camera shy? Don’t be, it’s all about increasing sales and building your brand. Video email is less likely to get pushed to spam, deleted or ignored. Video packs a powerful punch, while making a memorable, personal connection. The top marketers regularly use the power of video to build their businesses! Now you can too!

SMASH Video Email has been officially launched so go ahead and give it a go! To access it, just hover over the Campaigns tab in SMASH and you will get a drop down menu to navigate from. Keep checking our website for additional enhancements to this feature coming soon.

Have a great weekend and get ready for that close up!

Your SMASH Solutions Team


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