Smash Scoop 3.03.2014

Smash Scoop 3.03.2014

SMASH Social Media Platform

Are you ready to have first dibs on the HOTTEST social platform to hit the scene since Facebook? Introducing SMASH Social, the ONLY network you need to post, like, comment, share and go viral! Completely integrated with your favorite social sites, you’ll never be out of the loop, in fact you’ll be the one creating it! Read more to get your hands on SMASH Social and catch a little of the buzz for yourself!

Hey Smashers!

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for spring! You know what they say, the winter’s caterpillar makes for a beautiful May butterfly and we’re feeling the wings of our metamorphosis already!

The Buzz about Social Media!

Speaking of spring, this season always brings the bees and SMASH officially has the Buzz. Yep, you guessed it! SMASH has just released the much anticipated SMASH Social, our all new and feature packed social media sensation! SMASH Social will allow you to post, like and comment to every integrated social site with just one click! It will also have complete integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube! That means you can manage all of these networks completely from your SMASH Social hub! You can import your social media feeds, photos, albums, videos, music & blogs with just one easy click! Yes, I did say blogs! You can import your blog OR create a new one from SMASH and launch your message into viral infinity!

The SMASH Advertising Network just got a HUGE face lift!

Like Google and Facebook, SMASH now features Geo Targeted and Content Targeted advertising! Your exposure is driven by location and through the content generated inside the SMASH Social Hub. What sets SMASH apart from everyone else is the revolutionary SMASH Media Partnership Program! Through this unique and dynamic Alliance Program, our advertisers gain additional exponential exposure from all of our Media Partners websites. From TV stations, to newspapers and directories to radio stations, Media providers all over the country are locking arms with SMASH to revolutionize how advertising drives visitors to your site! This remarkable never-seen-before strategy will easily triple, even quadruple your marketing exposure!

Exciting Enhancements to Come!

When we say, Coming Attractions, we mean really soon! Each week you will begin to see more and more added features coming to SMASH. On the immediate horizon is SMASH Deals and SMASH Pages! Both of these are slated to go live this week! SMASH Deals will allow users to take advantage of remarkable savings on all kinds goods and services. SMASH Pages enables users to create rich, detailed customized pages with external URL access including your own niche directories, listings, offers and product showcase, .Utilize video and photo galleries, create events and collect reviews. Monetize your offer and even collect money through the SMASH Pages point of sale system.

AND…we’re just getting started! Keep your eyes peeled for more new features and exciting content coming over the next number of weeks!

To really raise the stakes, we’re in the process of updating Success U into a must-have tool for helping re-sellers sell SMASH social and help customers learn how to leverage our powerful tool suite at the speed of light!

See what happens when SMASH sprouts wings? We take flight!

Make every day count and we’ll check in with you next week!

Your SMASH Solutions Team

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