Smash Scoop 12.16.13

Smash Scoop 12.16.13


Have you heard the buzz?

SMASH is on a roll and we are celebrating by giving you the opportunity to save big if you act quickly!

So, first ask yourself this, how many systems do you currently use? 3…10…20?   Stop wasting your time uploading your contacts every time you want to send a newsletter.  STOP wasting your money on systems that are too hard to use and too much to maintain. With SMASH, you have it all in one convenient hub!

SMASH will keep you organized so you can connect with your social media friends and follow up with your customers and prospects all under one roof, for as little as $12.99 a month.  No contracts, No set up fees and No hassles.

Features include:

Contact Manager, Tasks and Calendars,  Video Emails, Personal Virtual Assistant (PVA),  Newsletter Templates & Analytics, Pre-made Videos, Social Media Buzz Wall, Social Media Blasting, and so much more

Upgrade now and earn money for everyone you share this amazing system with!  Get 10 friends and your system is FREE… FOR LIFE! Don’t delay!  These prices won’t last.  At the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, this deal is over.

So, now that we have recapped the promo for you, let’s talk about what’s new with SMASH!

Check out the highlights:

  • We have begun our 90 Day Leadership Sprint! Our first training was on Friday, December 13th but don’t fret, if you missed it, you can get all the details by viewing this recording: CLICK HERE

  •  We have added lots of marketing collateral to the SMASH Store and the best part? It’s all FREE. Head on over there and grab it today! Have you checked out the Media tab from the home page lately? If not, you should.

  •  We have a brand new media section and we have added a blog called Jenny’s Corner, Biz Tips, and a System Updates section to give you the latest updates about what is live and what is being enhanced on the site including a Getting Started Video section!

 And…the final and perhaps most exciting announcement is about the Campaigns section of SMASH. We are very happy to announce that the Newsletters are now live along with the analytics! Keep your eyes peeled for some custom pre-made SMASH newsletters being added in the next few weeks!

Well that’s it for this time. Hope you have a great week prepping for the holidays!

Your SMASHers Holiday Team!


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