SMASH Scoop 03.10.14

SMASH Scoop 03.10.14


Hi Smashers~

We’ve got nothing but exciting updates over here on the SMASH side of things! First, we’re still starstruck over our CEO and founder, J.J. Ulrich’s Vegas weekend with Kevin Harrington, the original “shark” from the ABC hit show Shark Tank and internationally recognized motivational speaker. This wasn’t any typical Vegas weekend, but an opportunity extended to SMASH to share our product and vision with a captive audience and help us spread the brand across the globe! Congratulations to J.J. for a spectacular weekend, and to all of you who have helped us get SMASH this far!

Speaking of socializing, have YOU gotten social with SMASH yet? If you haven’t checked out our new social pages, what are you waiting for? SMASH Social does it all! From posting, liking and sharing photos, to uploading albums, videos, downloading music, blogging and even creating your own blogging live link – our Social Pages (similar to Facebook Fan Pages) are designed to increase your exposure and develop real content that will bump up your SEO. There is nothing that SMASH Social doesn’t do and it’s all under one easy to use roof!

Ready to steal a SMASH Deal? Then you’re in luck! SMASH Deals is now live! What’s a SMASH Deal? Love Groupon and Living Social? Then you’ll love SMASH Deals! With the hottest savings and products you need to have,  coming soon there won’t be anything you can’t find on SMASH Deals! Want to offer your service or product on SMASH Deals? We’ll hook you up with an eager clientele and a network that directs consumers straight to your offer!

With SMASH, just sign in once and have access to everywhere! With our unique URL, the web is yours to master. To quote our favorite Pixar character: we’re taking you “ to infinity and beyond!”. At least when it comes to viral capabilities that is!


And if that isn’t cool enough (yes, it gets better) we’re preparing to launch our collection of SMASHables! SMASHables are anything and everything pre-made with you in mind! They are designed for you to share on social sites to improve your own social engagement, increase fans and followers and start taking advantage of the leverage that is social media! From pre made blog posts, to funny memes and inspirational quotes. We will have pre-made statuses, along with your own personalized Smashable ads. We have SMASHables for everybody, every taste and every type of page! Simply choose what SMASHables best represent your brand or business and click. Your page just got a lot more shareable! Stay tuned for updates and release dates!

Also on the soon to be released list is the new SMASH Social Mobile integration. Forgot your computer? No worries!  Not in the office? No problem! With SMASH Social mobile integration, all your info will be right at your fingertips! Full integration will be available from your iPhone, iPad and Android. Access from anywhere on any device is just a click away.


Additional amazing additions to keep your eyes on:

Games – Yep thats right, games are coming to SMASH. You’ll soon be able to play 1000’s of games right from your SMASH dashboard!

Gifts – Send virtual gifts to friends on birthdays and special occasions.

Timeline – Digitally document your life from birth to present via your Buzz Wall.

Buzz Wall – The Buzz Wall is like a newsfeed where SMASH members share messages, photos, videos and comments within SMASH. This new features also allows a member to load all recent feeds from external social media platforms.

Hashtag – Increase your engagement, reach and search with Hashtags!

Badges – Encourage others and increase interaction and connection with Badges.

Weather – View weather reports for any location.

Notes – Create and save notes.

We hope you’re ready to make it a great week ! We’re amping up to give you the most engaging and exciting network from here to…well, infinity!


Stay social Smashers!

Your SMASH Solutions Team

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  • Jayne M says:

    March 13, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Awesome! Simply Awesome!

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