SMASH Scoop 02.18.2015

SMASH Scoop 02.18.2015

SCOOP2-18-15_Success_U_Comeback_870x430Hi Smashers~

Drumroll please!

Remember Success U, our free online training for social media newbies? It’s baaaaack- and this time better than ever! Jam packed with every detail you need to successfully set up and optimize your new social endeavors, Success U officially launches next Monday, March 9th at 11 AM PST and we couldn’t be more excited!

If you’re new to the social arena and want to optimize your social experience for more sales and better business you don’t want to miss out! Our leading social expert will cover which social platforms are best for you, the difference between posts (and how to choose them), post timing, formatting imagery for Facebook – and SO much more!

We highly recommend Success U as a prerequisite to our advanced social media webinar, SSMO On The Go – which is set to launch on March 13th at 12PM PST. As we previously mentioned, SSMO On The Go is an elite training that covers social media’s most advanced playbook- from Facebook advertising and organic growth strategies, to cutting-edge tactics like Facebook featured videos. Space is limited! Reserve your spot now!


Please note that there is a change of DATE & TIME for the Success U & SSMO on the Go webinars. Previously scheduled to start on February 23rd, 2015 at 11am PST is now set to start March 9th, 2015 at 11am PST and run through March 13th, 2015 12pm PST.  Registration links remain the same.

To learn more about on Success U and to get registered, click here. For more information on  SSMO On The Go and register today, click here.

We’ll see you online!


Your SMASH Solutions Team

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