SMASH Scoop 01.12.2015

SMASH Scoop 01.12.2015


Hi Smashers!

Happy New Year!

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to kick it into high gear and get 2015’s show on the road! Do you have a new business, product or website you’re ready to debut? Or are you a SMASH Re-seller looking to really crank up your commissions in 2015? If so, then we have FANTASTIC news!

We are excited to announce that our automated SEO boosting technology, the SMASH Booster Bar, has just gotten even better for the new year! And considering the Booster Bar has a 98% retention rate, this is really amazing news! As you know, the Booster Bar dramatically increases your search engine page placement (what page people find you on when they search!), website popularity results (Alexa or results) and even boosts back-links and sites linking back in over time. These stats have been so impressive, that we have enhanced the Booster with added analytics that are now at your fingertips, so you, and your clients, can track your progress! These analytics tally the number of views per day in 4 hour increments, while accounting for the number of auto loads and number of clicks coming from the Booster Bar!

In addition, SMASH will be launching new SMASH Social packages (social media management) within the next week or so which will provide the reactive content every SEO strategy is dependent on. This coupled with our meta data and website optimization service, the SMASH Web Doctor, the critical six spheres of SEO are covered, with the automated, hands off tool and services offered exclusively through SMASH!

Exciting, right?

It gets better! SMASH is about to release our new two-week FREE trial program for ALL new Booster Bar users. That’s right, you’ll get a free trial of this incredible tool! Keep your eyes open for the official trail program announcement in your email in the next week.

And as if that isn’t awesome enough, the Booster Bar page itself will now host VIDEO! By utilizing the relevant pre-made content, video capabilities  and added analytics, you’re looking at a serious pipeline experience for the Booster Bar!

Let 2015 be the year your business takes off and gets noticed online! This is one resolution  you can’t afford not to keep!


Cheers to a new year!


Your SMASH Solutions Team


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