SMASH Goes Public!

SMASH Goes Public!

Hi Smashers!

jennyToday is an exciting day for all of us at SMASH, especially for people like me who’ve been with the company since day one. We finally get to announce that we’ve officially completed the first phase of becoming a public company! Watch out NYSE we are on our way!

Making an announcement of this caliber, I just can’t help but reflect on just how much it means to me to be standing here with my SMASH family at this special moment in our history.

When I met Jerry Ulrich and Vivienne Russell I was a freelance copywriter who worked with several amazing clients – but none of them rocked my socks.  They were gigs I did to pay the bills while I worked on my screenplays and other creative work.  Now I’m sure a lot of you can relate, but when you just go through the motions of a job without a purpose other than financial support – you lose a bit of your enthusiasm. And guys I’m a total hardcore enthusiast. Not only do I want to be excited, but I want fellow entrepreneurial minded people around me to be excited too. If what they say is true, that you’re the average of the five people you surround yourself with – then I wanted it all.  I wanted ambitious, kind, intelligent, honorable people with a purpose to call my tribe.

And then came SMASH. Jerry had a BIG idea and a BIG plan for this company.  In order to execute this plan, he knew it would require courage and breaking a few boundaries in the way people thought about automated business and marketing tools. From that first day I knew SMASH was different and the love, loyalty, respect and support  I’ve received from this family has been bar none.

During my first year at SMASH, I experienced a devastating death in my family. I live 3,000 miles away from them and at the time SMASH was under the gun, facing the kind of challenges that startups deal with on the regular.  Less than 2 hours after I heard the news, Jerry called me to offer his condolences and to ask if I needed financial support to get back home for the funeral. I was blown away. Never in my professional career had I experienced such an act of kindness and generosity. I had truly found my home.

On this day, I want to personally congratulate SMASH, our executives, incredible staff and loyal supporters for a job well done. This is one company to not just keep your eye on – but to sink your heart into. And if they’re smart, the public will do the same.

With many, many congratulations and heartfelt thanks.


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  • Kevin Kern says:

    June 24, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    Going public is HUGE. Congratulation Smash!

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