SMASH Flash 3.20.14

SMASH Flash 3.20.14

Hot Off The Press  

Hey Smashers! How are your resolutions holding up? By the time March rolls around many of us start feeling a little sluggish when it comes to all those grand plans we made back in mid December. If that’s you, then you’re in luck because this issue is dedicated to getting you back on track and in line with your goals. In honor of  St. Patty’s Day, we’re celebrating self-love, determination and of course brilliant strokes of luck. Let’s find your pot of gold in 2014!

As for us, we’ve been busy making our own adjustments and riding the changes that a new year always brings!

If you haven’t checked out our site in a while, drop everything because we’re mixing it up AGAIN. New year. New us. The first thing on you’ll notice is our product driven (versus re-seller) content. We’ve added more slides to the features area, a sleek live action homepage product overview slide with a more minimalist style to concisely answer all the important SMASH questions. who we are, what we do and why you need us are all part of the lineup!

But that doesn’t even scratch the surface! We’ve added some sizzling new features you’re sure to flip for! The best news? For the time being, everyone will have unrestricted feature access!  

To keep up with the ever-changing platform that is social media, we’ve just released the brand spankin’ new SMASH Social, our all new and improved social media sensation! SMASH Social will allow you to post to several social sites at once with just one click and have complete integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube (with more coming soon)! That means you’ll now be able to completely import your feeds and manage these networks all from your SMASH Social hub! You’ll also be able to import all your photos, albums, videos & blogs with just one, easy click! Yes, I did say blogs! You’re about to have your very own blogging platform to launch you into viral infinity! Best part? We’re just getting started!

Want a sneak peek at some of the new and exciting new features? OK, OK, you don’t have to twist our arm!  Play thousands of the hottest virtual games right from your dashboard! Send virtual gifts to friends, digitally document your life on the all-new timeline and keep up with friends, family and share photos, comments, posts and videos on a Buzz Wall that says it all! This new feature also allows you to add all recent feeds from other social platforms right within SMASH. We’re also incorporating Hashtags so you can increase your engagement and reach, while enhancing every interaction! In addition, we’ve also added on a Badges feature to encourage and increase socialization with other users! From a new weather app that lets you view any friendly (or not so friendly) skies, to a swift and streamlined notes feature, SMASH’s social game is in a status all of its own!

The ALL New Advertising Network

Like Google and Facebook,  the SMASH Ad Network not only Geo targets your ads but also content targets your ads! However, nobody but SMASH has a Media Partner Program that allows us to give our advertisers exposure on ALL of our media partners websites – TV stations, newspapers, radio stations and directory websites – wherever they advertise! That’s triple, even quadruple the exposure for one SMASH ad package!

To really raise the stakes, we’re in the process of updating Success U into a must-have tool to help re-sellers sell SMASH Social and assist customers learn how to leverage our powerful tool suite at the speed of light!    

ALL of these exciting enhancements will become available to you over the next month.  Keep checking our website for updates as they happen!

In The Spotlight

Pre Made Marketing Magic:

In an organic-obsessed world, pre-made can have a negative connotation. You automatically picture microwavable slop that bubbles underneath plastic film for 3-4 minutes on high.

However, when it comes to marketing, the pre-made message IS the organic message with all the convenience of ready-made goodness that busy marketers, business leaders and professionals crave.

Ready for an oxymoron?

Welcome to the world of organic pre-made content.

Did we just blow your mind, or what?

The idea behind organic content is a strong sell for 2014 and the number one marketing push that companies and businesses are making for the new year. Experts agree that content marketing is the number one way to get your message heard loud and clear! It’s all anyone can talk about! Even the big guns are chatting! Content creation has been dominating headlines on since the second half of last year.

Why the crazy push?

Everything online is recycled, or seems written for SEO purposes. Have you noticed how many times you click on a link of interest to see that it’s the same content you read in ten other places? What about the shameless SEO copy that spends more time on dropping keywords than providing you with valuable content? Consumers have been screaming and declining their business to companies that can’t provide valuable, relatable and original content.

The problem?

It takes time, energy, effort and a ton of research to craft material that is new, exciting and relevant to your consumers. People just don’t have the time to research and create their own content applicable to their company and client needs.

You don’t have the time. But we do!

Our pre-made content is original, of the highest-quality, thoroughly researched and relevant to any market and it costs you zero time! Simply identify which kind of content you’re looking for  ( i.e. blogs, memes, social media posts) and on what subject and we’ll have it ready to go for you? Need a topic that’s industry specific? If we don’t have it in our new, soon to be launched content library, our content creators can whip up a campaign that is sure to engage and educate your target demographic, making you an authority in your industry.

Top 4 Benefits of Pre-Made Content


  1. Puts you in the “game” with leading marketing professionals.

  2. Identifies you as an “authority” in your industry with original, thought-provoking content.

  3. Engage clients and encourage potential customers to try your brand without being pushy!

  4. No time from you required!


Hip Tips


5 Common Habits of Successful People

Early to bed, early to rise, makes the dreamer and the Smasher, happy, healthy and wise! OK so we switched the poem up just a tad, but did you know that mega successful people all have a few daily habits in common? Success isn’t a magic windfall for some lucky (and extra motivated) people, it’s a collection of daily learned habits, that rain or shine are adhered to, focused on and challenged.

Want to join the ranks of the doers and achievers? Develop these 5 daily habits and get a jump start on success!

1. Healthy Body

For as compartmentalized as we would like to seem, the human body is one large organism of connectivity. Our emotional, mental and physical health are all deeply related and without one, it’s difficult to find peace and balance with the other. Successful people know eating right, working out (even if it’s just walking) a minimum of 30 minutes a day has a great affect on personal achievement. Train for the marathon! Success requires stamina!

2. Write It Down  

Successful people like to write down their goals and turn them into “action plans” Writing down your goals and penning daily about your action items, assists you to stay focused and connected in a practical way to your dreams, instead of just dreaming about a “someday” scenario. According to Success U trainers, when you write down your goals into a daily action plan, you acquire accountability for those dreams and can easily break it down into steps where they seem more attainable.

3.  Get Up Early

This is just a no-brainer. People that get up before everyone else, show up before everyone else. By the time you’re waking up, they’ve probably gone to yoga, walked the dog and made breakfast. Get a move on your success! If you want it, wake up for it!

4. They Get Organized

Being organized gives us a sense of accomplishment, control and puts our mind at ease, so we can concentrate on the tasks at hand. I don’t know about you, but if I spend an hour looking for my keys amidst all my clutter, I lose ground and am less productive! Plus organization makes you feel good and when you feel great, watch out world!

5. They Don’t Dwell

Successful people are not of your coulda/woulda/shoulda variety. They accept change, they accept when they are wrong and they find new, better ways to adapt. They are always learning, growing, moving. In a nutshell, they are always moving forward.

Implement one (or all) of these tips today and enjoy a more successful tomorrow!


Creative magic is just that — magic. We can train an eye, fine tune a voice, grasp a pen, but when it comes to tracing the origins of a person’s creative gift, the secret remains a mystery. At SMASH our creative je ne sais quoi, the twinkle of our tech focused eye belongs to no other than our Chief Business Development Officer, Vivienne Russell.

Vivienne boasts an accomplished history as a theater director, as well as serving as Artistic Director of her own theater company in Southern California. Her ability to manifest her visions, reaches far beyond the stage. If the best selling book “The Secret” was a person, her name would be Vivienne Russell.

She’s gone from a young creative, soul searching for a place in the tech world, to landing a position as an executive tour de force exactly where she imagined. And I do mean exactly! This wouldn’t be the first time, either. Early in her career, Ms. Russell pictured herself working out of Wilshire Boulevard’s most prestigious office building, to earning that exact address inside the precise office she imagined. Down to the color on the walls. Pale blue.

Vivienne is the fairy tale heroine who never needed a Fairy God Mother. This creative soldier holds her own wand and creates her own magic. When she gets her way, pumpkins transform into carriages and they never look back.

Me: The old idiom “seeing is believing” really should be adjusted in your case. Believing is seeing, sounds a bit more fitting.


Vivienne: The other way, the original phrase seems backwards to me. How can you possibly get anywhere, when you can’t see where you’re going. I know that sounds as literal as driving a car, but when you imagine your dreams you should be literal. And specific. The more details you can conjure up, the better chance you have arriving at the destination you dream. Those details, the time you take to picture yourself where you want to be, is like your navigation system. People put more thought into what route they’ll take to the market during rush hour than they do their aspirations. You MUST see it first, achieve it second.

Me: Success University, as some of our readers are aware of, offers a class called Dream Designer that you created. Were you inspired to craft this class based on the lack of visual direction you see among people?

Vivienne: Yes, definitely. I realized that many people talk themselves out of seeing what they want to see. They almost feel guilty, concentrating on what they want instead of what’s there. I do believe you must  be grateful for where you are in the present, but that by no means should that  be a guilt trip to prevent you from looking into the future. When I was producing the content for Dream Designer, it was based off this overwhelming response of ” I can’t dream about my goals, because look at my reality. I have no money, or I’m behind on bills.” Or whatever their particular circumstance involved. If you only look at where you’re placed currently and have a ‘need’ mindset, you’ll always stay exactly where you are. I wanted to help people break that cycle and move forward with confidence.

Me: Dream Designer offers a very unique approach to visualization in action. Can you elaborate?

Vivienne: You mean Vision Videos? Vision Videos are the visualization aerobics to get you into dream-chasing shape. These are different than anything you’ve seen before, because they are self created and you don’t have to rely on a wandering brain alone to come up with a strong picture. Especially now, approaches like meditation and visualization are difficult. We’re not trained to concentrate anymore, and we’re overtasked multi-taskers. The Vision Videos, just like guided meditation, allow you to concentrate without the effort of concentrating. The process we walk you through is simple. You choose the images and music that initiate an emotional response and the time you spend visualizing, is more effective because it speaks directly to you. Your ‘meditation’ process becomes digital in nature. You just watch and listen daily. The results are amazing!

Me: Anyone who has joined you for Dream Designer is aware of your own incredible personal success using Vision Videos. Why are they such an integral part of your success?

Vivienne: A few years back I had a horrible infection that nearly took my life. In a time like that you’re so vulnerable to what doctors say, your own fears, coming to terms with mortality and seeing your family suffer, that it’s a juggernaut of emotion. Stress from that primal urge we all have: to live. Those critical moments, as much as all of those fears and thoughts are natural, you just don’t have the time to dwell.

Your brain has incredible healing capabilities, you just have to utilize them – which stress and fear works against. I needed an extra-strong shot of visualization, of emotional response to keep fighting. Something undiluted by my current situation. I crafted a video that starring me, healthy and strong, enjoying my family. I filled it with images and music that gave me an emotional response to ‘heighten’ the experience and then filled it with affirmations as a backdrop.  I watched in every morning when I woke up. I watched it every night before bed. Slowly, but surely, that stress started to melt away. My fears turned into beliefs that I was going to make it. I never stopped believing. I never stopped watching. And I made it.

Me: There have been a few critics that scoff visualization as a methodology. How do you handle their comments?

Vivienne :<laughs> Critics don’t scare me too much. My father, who I adored and inherited his love for the theater, was a prominent theater critic and TV personality in Los Angeles.  Critics have their place and that is fine. However, I will say that visualization isn’t  an all talk, no action kind of deal. Visualization works as hard as you do, but it keeps you focusing on where and how you make your decisions. How you present yourself and what you believe and see for yourself determines what kind of opportunities come your way, even in the most practical situations.

Me: Let’s talk creative for a minute. Your artistic integrity behind the design of SMASH has led to a sleek, coveted look with a friendly, modern sound. How has your background in the theater helped you take on this role as creative spark for a major technology company?

Vivienne: Directing on stage and directing on page are very similar to me. You have to know the theme of your story, the tone of your script and the quality of the players. It’ a lot like playing chess. You have to be able to see six, seven, eight moves out, to get the style just right.

Me: What defining thought would you like to leave our readers with?

Vivienne: You become your most-dreamed of dream.. That’s pretty defining.

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