Smash Flash 12.26.12

Smash Flash 12.26.12

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SMASH Flash is your official source for the latest and greatest SMASH Solution news and insider updates. Weekly, we’ll give you the 411 on SMASH developments right as they happen, along with hot tips you can’t afford to miss!

Hot Off the Press

They say good things come to those who wait and SMASH is already reaping the benefits of patience paired with persistence!  Leading up to our original launch date, our creators revealed new remarkable concepts, features and additions to the system that have helped SMASH become even MORE widely recognized. We are somewhat of perfectionists who believe that you only get one shot to make a first impression. Instead of rushing through the development of these mid-season additions, we agreed it would be best to launch SMASH with a new appropriate date to accommodate these new features and our members and clients alike!

We are more excited than EVER and hope you are too! This one is worth the wait!

New details coming soon!

SMASH Elves Workshop

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We’re reporting live from the SMASH elves workshop (which is right around the corner from you-know-who) and we’re busy stuffing your stockings with all kinds of business promoting goodies for the new year! As 2012 comes to a close, we want to take a moment and thank you for the enthusiasm and support that you’ve shown the SMASH staff over the last year. We are honored to ring in 2013 with YOU and we can’t wait to make this next adventure your best one yet!

Have a very Merry Christmas, Smashers and a magical holiday season!

See you in 2013!

With love and gratitude,

Your SMASH Elves.

Good companies hire based on skill, extraordinary companies hire based on character.

SMASH founders carefully select their managers and staff not just for their unique talents, but for insight that can only spawn from personal perseverance.  Getting to know SMASH would be incomplete without becoming acquainted with the hearts and hands that work this system from the inside out.

I can tell you first hand that SMASH manager, Sharee Cammon is as lovely as they come. She’s both fiercely intelligent and loyal, but when she sets out to finish a task, you can bet your pennies in Vegas that it’s going to happen. Her story of super strength is fortified by her faith, family and her belief that all is surmountable and every life is worth fighting for. Her unique, inspiring history is a part of SMASH culture, and we couldn’t be prouder to call her one of our own.

Q: Tell me a little bit what you do at SMASH and how you got hooked up with us rebels?

A:  <laughs> You know what they say, birds of a feather…

I initially was introduced to SMASH directly from JJ who I previously worked with on another project. His ideas are so awe-inspiring. I had no idea the magnitude of what I was about to become apart of. I just knew that this man was going to change people’s lives and I wanted to be apart of that.  I expressed interest in helping out with his vision and he decided to pair me up with Vivienne, or rather he asked Vivienne if she wanted to pair up with me! I’m so glad she said yes!

Hmm a little bit of what I do at SMASH? <laughs> Girl, I don’t even know where to begin with that one! Let’s see Vivienne calls me her “left hand”(not right, she’s left-handed).  Any and everything she needs done in the SMASH realm, I find a way to make it possible. I also dabble in designing some of the site. You’ll see a little of my handy work in the SMASH UI, (user interface) the new homepage design, and J.J.’s new site design.  I’ve also created some of the videos for SMASH, as well as star as a PVA. The other PVA in my opinion is super hot! <winks>

Q: All of us at SMASH know how devoted you are to your family. You have three beautiful sons. However, you and your middle boy Jonathan (aka JBeau) have been on a courageous journey together. Can you tell us a little bit about the journey, and how you have grown into the person we know (and adore) today from these experiences?

A: In my 18th week of pregnancy, the ultrasound tech was performing a routine check and was eerily quiet. Eventually, he informed me that my baby’s urinary tract was genetically deformed. There was a blockage and it was killing my son. The hospital said they would not do anything to intervene and that nature would “take care” of the situation.

I promptly went to another hospital in New York that operated on my son while he was still in the womb, which saved his life and allowed him to develop longer. The blockage did damage. JBeau’s kidneys beyond repair, and he was on dialysis from the very first days of his life. I had to stop working to care for him. Overall, faith is what helped me show courage for JBeau. He received his kidney transplant in 2007. Although there are still challenges, he has been such a blessing to our family. Everyday I thank God for him. JBeau is now nine and each day of those nine years has reinforced in me that I can rise to any challenge I’m faced with.

Q: How do you personally plan to use SMASH in YOUR life?

A: We at SMASH focus on ensuring that you have extra time in your life to actually live your life! No one should have to be glued to their computer or desk all day trying to manage tasks that SMASH can easily automate.That’s exactly how I plan on using SMASH, to automate tasks like social media postings, appointment settings and follow-ups. I find these three tasks  eat up a lot of my time during the day!

Q: What are some ways that busy, working moms like you can effectively streamline with SMASH?

A: Being a ‘momtrepreneur’ with three boys, it can be so easy to forget things! It really gets  hectic during the week and some important tasks, like birthday wishes and anniversary congratulations end up overlooked since they take the backburner to business deadlines, school plays and basketball games. I’m really looking forward to the integrated calendar and the PVA tools to keep me on top of my life. With a two year old at home and JBeau’s doctor appointments booked ‘til the end of time’, the video email and conferencing room are the perfect solutions to ensure that I never miss a meeting!
Sugary SMASH Approved  EggNog Frosting

As your editor, it is my duty to screen all the treats that cross my desk. After all, it’s only the best for our Smashers! After dozens of trial and error attempts, I have settled on the SMASH cookie of the year that is an easy bake for all of you left thumbs as well as a delicious and surprisingly hard-to-find treat.

This frosting is the perfect addition to your favorite sugar or gingerbread cookies. What if your sweet tooth kidnapped your good sense? Then straight out of the bowl is perfectly delicious too! =Click on the link for your new favorite seasonal treat!

Thanks Better Homes and Gardens for a GREAT recipe that is sure to be a family favorite.

Cadet’s Corner

Success U training will begin sometime after the new year!

About the Editor

Jenny Beres is a canine loving, jill-of-all-trades-writer based in LA. A skilled journalist, her work has been featured by CBS, Fox News, Yahoo News and various international publications. A professional playwright and screenwriter, Jenny has enjoyed working with marvelously talented actors and directors and has successfully managed to avoid the shades of limelight that can turn a girl green. SMASH Solution is thrilled to have Jenny on board and is honored to welcome her talents to the team!

In the Spotlight


Now you and success can be attached at the hip!

Introducing the Smash Bar, a revolutionary portable tool that takes your business anywhere the world wide web can reach! With a quick click of a mouse, visitors can easily view your blog, profiles, videos, special offers, social media buzz and even chat with you or meet with you in your personal virtual office. This remarkable hub attaches to websites, splash pages, emails and more – so you can go viral at the speed of light!

Top Features

1. Portable and easily attaches to any email, website, blog, and splash page.

2. Provides you with an unique viral business presence.

3. Gives visitors 24 hour access to your profile, media, blogs and chat without missing a beat (or valuable opportunity)

How It’s Best Used

1. As a red carpet introduction to you and your business.

2. To virally populate your message across the Internet.

3. To personalize any website, blog, and splash page to advertise and promote your business

Executive Traditions

Think our exec’s are always all business? Think again! These SMASH superstars know how to kick back and enjoy the meaning of Christmas. Spending time with loved ones and helping others in need make for a holly, jolly season!

Our family (young and old) sits together in front of the fireplace, drinks hot chocolate and watches It’s a Wonderful Life (in black and white only) every Christmas Eve. We reflect on how completely blessed we are. No matter what trials we may be facing, we’re the ‘richest’ folks in town. ~ Vivienne Russell

My favorite thing to do on Christmas is to find people in need and as a family we run up to their door and leave gifts or financial support. We knock and run! When they open their door and see the support we are truly humbled and feel blessed to able to do something like this. I also love to buy sleeping bags and take them to people who are homeless at Christmas. I call it “Warm The Hearts.”  ~ J.J. Ulrich

I take the kids out to see Christmas lights in various neighborhoods. Especially to see the ones where the tenants go all out on them every year!  ~ Joe Read

The homeless and hungry would appreciate your support on any date, so why not have a Christmas in July volunteer day for your friends and family as well!

Don’t forget the furry friends this season! Bring your extra blankets, dog foods, toys, treats and towels to your local animal shelter. So often the shelter animals have to sleep on cold concrete floors in their kennels. Doesn’t everyone deserve to be warm and snuggly this Christmas? Who knows, you may even walk out with a Christmas angel and lifetime best friend. Not sure where to find your local animal shelter?  Take a look at to find the fur nearest you.

How You Can Help

Feel inspired to give back this holiday? Check out Volunteers of America for ways you can give back on Christmas Day and well into the new year. The homeless and hungry would appreciate your support on any date, so why not have a Christmas in July volunteer day for your friends and family as well!

Biz Whiz

How to Be A Social…pro tricks that make you a hit!

Hit The Books

Before you flashback to pre-calc nightmares, we better mention that we don’t mean the kind of studying that equals dozing off in class. However, if you want to cash in on

a secret of highly successful people then you’re going to have to start reading about them! And yes that IS the secret.By researching and familiarizing yourself with habits of powerhouse success stars, you expedite your own success by gaining knowledge, tips and lessons from those that you admire.

Want to achieve something? Watch those that have done it first – you never know what tidbit from their life you’ll identify with.  Biographies are a great place to start. The fundamental keys to success are the same in every industry, so get wild and read about your favorites! You’ll be amazed at what you find!

For more information, visit us at   REGISTER TODAY!

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