SEO Tips: Give Your SEO a Boost with The Booster Bar

SEO Tips: Give Your SEO a Boost with The Booster Bar

Let’s talk SEO.

Wait! Where are you going? Sure, those three little letters make anyone want to run and hide, but we have some exciting updates and seo tips here at SMASH that make SEO-phobia a thing of the past.

It’s true that SEO used to be somewhat easier to track. You had your set of keywords, a strategy on how to use said keywords and a general idea of the results you could expect. But people (and search engines) got tired of googling topics and coming up with gibberish nonsense that wasn’t relevant and essentially click bait. That’s when it all changed.SEO-Boost Computer Blast

Earlier in the year, Forbes addressed the finicky way the “new SEO” operates. It’s based on relevant content, relevant sites linking in and driven by search terms that are organic and (gasp) make sense when you click. They also confirmed that 4-6 months to start seeing SEO results is an accurate figure – and to be patient that SEO grows and strengthens over time.

While we agree that SEO grows over time, we don’t believe that you have to wait 4-6 months to start seeing SEO results. We’ve designed one of the best SEO tools available –  a faster, automated approach to kickstart your SEO boosting efforts – for a fraction of a price that it costs for expensive experts.

The SMASH Booster Bar is one of our automated SEO tools that’s simply installed onto your website to do some of the SEO boosting. With the Booster Bar you can watch your Alexa rank and Google page listing  improve daily. Add in relevant, reactive content (aka readable, interesting blogs and web copy) and you’ve got yourself an SEO Boost you don’t have to wait a year for! Personally, I’ve seen the inside scoop on what the Booster does for our clients and I am impressed. I work a lot with bloggers who are understandably obsessed with their SEO  but just don’t have the time to learn the ropes. The Booster Bar takes care of some of that heavy lifting for them, so they can focus on the content, photography and social analytics that rule their business. It really is one of the best SEO tools you can get your hands on!SMASH SEO BoosterBar

In just a few weeks I’m personally going to try the Booster Bar on one of my own sites and report back here with the results! I’m so excited to try it out for myself that I’m going to blog for all of you about my daily Booster experiences.  Make sure to check back for my updates and analytics.

Why don’t you try the Booster Bar along with me? Right now you can give the Booster a whirl for two weeks absolutely free. You’ll also get daily analytics so you can track (and squeal) over the results. No more online invisibility (yuck!) Just check out our homepage for Booster trial details and get started!

Together we’re going to beat this SEO madness. I’ll see you on Google’s first page :)




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  • Kevin Kern says:

    June 24, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    Theres alot of great information here.. Tks

    There is a bunch of great information here. Thanks for sharing.

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