Press Release 9.29.14

Press Release 9.29.14

SMASH Solutions Announces New Alexa Stats Since Booster Bar Release

Salt Lake City, UT – September 29, 2014: SMASH Solutions, the innovative software solutions company announced today that their Alexa ranking dropped below 30,000. Additionally SMASH reports an increased average time spent on the SMASH Solutions site of more than 45 minutes per visitor

This information comes shortly after the recent SMASH Booster Bar launch announcement, a proprietary tool that dramatically improves many strategic SEO factors including Alexa rankings, search engine page placement and online visibility, in just a matter of weeks.

“Alexa rankings are used to measure website popularity. The lower the number on Alexa, the better the ranking. No matter how nice your website or product is, it’s Alexa that tells the public how popular you actually are” explained SMASH Chief Technology Officer, Sam Potter.

“Our clients aren’t the only ones enjoying dramatic results thanks to the Booster Bar. Here at SMASH, we can directly attribute dropping below 30,000 on Alexa to the Booster Bar technology. With the Booster Bar, all our clients are seeing their Alexa ranking dramatically improve quickly and ultimately anyone can achieve the kind of numbers SMASH is experiencing, over time. No need to spend a small fortune on SEO, or wait the average 12 month growth period to see a dent in your visibility online. The Booster Bar will significantly boost your results immediately! It’s revolutionizing how we address SEO and relate to Google.” added SMASH CEO, Jerry Ulrich.

A White Label OEM Booster Bar partnership was also recently announced by SMASH Solutions. SMASH Chief Business Development Officer, Vivienne Russell said “Thanks to our White Label Booster Bar program, web design companies, coders, SEO consultants – even social media strategists can offer their clients an elite tool that allows them to rise above their competition while also establishing a new profit center. ”

For more information on the SMASH Booster Bar visit

About SMASH Solutions

SMASH Solutions offers a unique traffic and SEO placement tool as well as an all-inclusive business & marketing tool suite specializing in the social aspect of business relations, providing a full featured Social Media Management Hub and includes a unique advertising network fueled by an alliance of many media companies across the U. S.

For more information about SMASH and to register for your FREE account, visit



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