Press Release - 5.29.14

Press Release – 5.29.14

For Immediate Release – SMASH Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with Salt Lake City Enterprise Business Journal.

Salt Lake City, UT – May 28, 2014:  SMASH Solutions, the Utah based software solutions company & creators of the all-in-one business & marketing tool suite of the same name, today announced a strategic partnership with the Salt Lake Enterprise – Utah’s Business Journal.

“Our Alexa” ranking has moved up 1,250,078 spots internationally in just 5 weeks working with the Smash Media Match Partnership Program.  More importantly our U.S.  ranking has moved up over 72% in that same 5 weeks…more than 325,000 spots!”Stated David Gregerson, Enterprise President. “We’ve also had good success using the SMASH Media Match to leverage sales for the Enterprise by matching our customers purchases in Media Match online advertising.” he continued.

The Enterprise has been serving the Salt Lake City area, providing local business news, covering all industry sectors, for over 40 years.

The Enterprise Business Journal is an amazing new media partner for SMASH. This newspaper is the standard of excellence for business news in the Salt Lake area. This group was one of the very first Media Partners to join our Media Match momentum and their results have been a home run. In just over a month, the traffic to their site has gone up 72%! This partnership program has increased the value to our product significantly!” added Jerry J. Ulrich, SMASH Solutions Chief Executive Officer.

About SMASH Solutions:

SMASH Solutions offers an all-inclusive business & marketing tool suite specializing in the social aspect of business relations. The system features a Contact, Task & Event Manager, integrated Calendar, Personal Virtual Assistant, complete Social Media Management Hub a unique advertising network fueled by an alliance of many media companies across the U. S. and much more…all in one convenient hub.

For more information about SMASH and to register for your FREE account, visit

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