Press Release - 5.27.14

Press Release – 5.27.14

For Immediate Release – SMASH Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with The Variety Post

Salt Lake City, UT – May 27, 2014:  SMASH Solutions, the Utah based software solutions company and creators of the all-in-one business and marketing toolsuite of the same name, today announced a strategic partnership with the Variety Post, Morris Media Group, LLC of Vancouver, Washington.

“The Smash Program is a key leader in providing supportive breakthrough solutions via digital channels. This program assists The Variety Post by complementing interactivity to our current website and social network platforms, while providing key performance indicators. We strive to make a stake in the local and global markets. The Smash Media Match Program has provided us, what I call – ‘Farraritize’ – technologies.’, or supercharged media exposure at an accelerated rate of speed achieving optimum results.” Remarked  Gary Morris, Editor-in Chief for The Variety Post.

Since the successful beta launch of the SMASH Solutions Media Match Partnership Program, SMASH has experienced an extraordinary increase in strategic partnerships. Based on this, the company is expected to see very rapid growth over the next 12 months.

“At the beginning, our website was ranked at approximately 18 million in global website popularity. After implementing the Smash Media Match Program, we have experienced a tangible upward trend with a global ranking of 1,373,668 in popularity, and a U.S. ranking of 159,553 with 170,499 page-views all in just 13 days. Statistics demonstrate, to date, that 40.3% of our visitors are returning, with an additional 59.7% in new visitors now reaching our website. This means we are reaching readers at accelerated rates which have not even caught up. Smash solutions is obviously becoming a ubiquitous presence across platforms. Another advantage of the Smash program is that it enables us to go beyond local reach and expand around the globe. The results have been overwhelmingly impressive.” Morris concluded.

“The Variety Post’s experience is typical of the success our new partners are seeing using our new unique traffic technology. It’s just thrilling to be on the cutting edge of next-gen SEO technology and see how dramatically we are able to improve our client’s global & U.S. rankings in record time.” added Carl Doane, SMASH Solutions President.

About SMASH Solutions:

SMASH Solutions offers an all-inclusive business & marketing tool suite specializing in the social aspect of business relations. The system features a Contact, Task & Event Manager, integrated Calendar, Personal Virtual Assistant, complete Social Media Management Hub a unique advertising network fueled by an alliance of many media companies across the U. S. and much more… all in one convenient hub.

For more information about SMASH and to register for your FREE account, visit


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