Press Release - 5.21.14

Press Release – 5.21.14

For Immediate Release


Salt Lake City, UT – May 21, 2014:  SMASH Solutions, the Utah based software solutions company and creators of the all-in-one business and marketing toolsuite of the same name, announced today the public release of SMASH Media Match, an innovative advertising and SEO partner program. Media Match advertising has been added to the SMASH tool suite.

“Our Media Match Alliance program is quite innovative. Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to increase their advertising exposure.” Commented Carl Doane, SMASH Solutions President. “The SMASH Media Match Alliance Program offers advertisers maximum advertising exposure by featuring ads on the SMASH network and on multiple Media Partner websites including TV and radio stations, newspapers, blogs, social media sites and several other online networks.”

The Media Match program allows partner companies to offer a match in advertising credits to their customers for every dollar spent for their products and services. It also delivers a dramatic SEO boost for the Media Partner website in record time.

“Our new traffic technology improves traffic and SEO rankings significantly. We are seeing quantifiable results that are far beyond anything else I am aware of, especially for the price. An example of this is a Beta Test client of ours, Togiak Lodge. Their Alexa rankings went from over 14 million to the top 8 million sites in just 3 weeks! This technology will produce remarkable results for our clients for a fraction of the cost they are paying SEO companies currently.” Added Sam Potter, SMASH Solutions Chief Technology Officer.

About SMASH Solutions:

SMASH Solutions offers an all-inclusive business & marketing tool suite specializing in the social aspect of business relations. The system features a Contact Manager, Task and Event Manager, integrated Calendar, Personal Virtual Assistant, complete Social Media Management Hub a unique advertising network fueled by an alliance with multiple media companies across the U. S. and much more… all in one convenient hub.

For more information about SMASH, and to register for your FREE account, please visit:

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