How to Clean Your Computer Screen

How to Clean Your Computer Screen

apple-browser-computer-3080-525x350This might be embarrassing to admit, but I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my computer screen. Now some people might not admit that, but I’m certain I can’t be the only person who’s been too busy (for like 8 years) to notice the yucky build- up on my computer screen. Sure, I didn’t notice for awhile, but when I did –  Lord, have mercy! I was mortified! How did I walk around with a laptop with a screen cloudier than a winters day in Ohio? 

Apparently, how to clean your computer screen isn’t as easy as pulling out a paper towel and some Windex. Luckily, I Googled beforehand and came across a few nifty tips to make sure the process was easy and effective!

Want to get your computer screen sparkling and clean the safe way? Here’s what worked for me!

Don’t Use Paper Towels

towel-dispenser-243462__180Anything “paper” is a bad plan to use on your delicate computer screen. As The How To Geek Guide points out, “ Paper towels are not designed for cleaning delicate surfaces, they’re designed for wiping up bacon grease and hairballs; the surface of paper towel, on a microscopic level, is fairly abrasive and can lead to buffed spots and scratches on your monitor.” Same goes for general cleaning rags. Soft microfiber is the way to go when it comes to how to clean your computer screen. I simply used the microfiber that came with my sunglasses!

Let It Cool

Simple stuff, but turn off and unplug your computer before attempting to clean it. The How To Geek is right on when they warn that cleaning a still-warm computer is not just difficult – but damaging to your delicate (and expensive screen).

Don’t Spray The Screen

Guilty as charged. I did this with my first Mac, and even though I wiped the solution up pretty quickly and avoided serious damage, the screen was never the same. Always moisten the microfiber first – with a warm water. Just like CNET suggests, it’s best to avoid any liquid besides warm water – and only use a mild soap mixture if you MUST. Never use alcohol or other harsh ammonia based cleaners.

Dust First

brush-15931__180Before using any water, remove the dust with your dry microfiber cloth. This helps prevent streaking and using excess moisture. In some cases (not mine) dusting is all that ends up being necessary!


If you end up wiping your screen with your damp, soft cloth, don’t forget to go over it again with a dry cloth once you’re finished cleaning. This also prevents streaking and removes any moisture than can end up getting trapped.

Do you have any favorite tips on how to clean your computer screen? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below! 


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