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Hi Smashers~

Stunning developments have been happening here at the SMASH! Our Media Match Partner program is in full swing and the proof, as they say, is in the numbers! We’re proud to announce that we’ve had a record breaking 3 weeks! Our unique Media Alliance program has just lit SMASH on fire!

So why all the excitement?  The SMASH Media Match advertising offers the most extraordinary exposure available today because of the power of the network! Advertisers gain massive exposure from the SMASH Media Match Network and the Media Partner websites.  From TV stations to newspapers and Chamber of Commerce groups, directories, and radio stations, Media Match providers all over the country are locking arms with SMASH to revolutionize how advertising drives visitors to websites! Its a never-seen-before strategy that is exploding marketing exposure!

But that’s not all! The Media Match Package also provides the most incredible SEO tool on the market AND at a fraction of the cost of what other companies are charging for far less results. Our clients are experiencing a million % Alexa ranking improvements in less than 30 days…and we have the proof!

Based on our robust SMASH tool suite, Social media hub and the Media Match Partner program, we have had some huge successes in just a matter of a few weeks! Our newest clients include The Valley Journals (8 publications), Regional Sales Division of T-Mobile, the SL Enterprise, Prime Times News, Key West Realty,  Slim Body Supplements, The Variety Post, KJUL 104.7 Radio, Kool 102.3 Radio, and The Women’s Information Network (The WIN) just to name a few!

We have added the SEO Media Partner Bar to the list of technologies submitted for patent filing along with the SMASH Profiler, Send Message/Global Inbox, The Personal Virtual Assistant and SMASH itself!

Join us on Friday at 10 AM PST for Reseller Training and get some tips on how to drive prospects to our team of Media Match Presenters. Book your prospects today using our appointment link calendars below:

Book with J.J. Ulrich –

Book with Harvey Dockstader –

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting updates coming your way each week.  Things have really heated up here at SMASH – We can’t wait to show you all the cool things right around the corner. These next few weeks are going to be a blast!

Your SMASH Support Team


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