Friday Favorites: Emojis, Chocolate Pens and The First iCar?

Friday Favorites: Emojis, Chocolate Pens and The First iCar?

It’s Friday! That means we’re counting down the hours ’til weekend fun and rounding up our favorite finds online! Want to countdown with us? Then check out what SMASH found notable on the ‘net this week!

Anything You Emoji Can Be Used Against You

img-thingAccording to a recent article on Wired, emojis can and now will be held against you in a court of law. The idea? Emojis are social media and texting’s “body language” conveying what we actually mean when we type. And for the judicial system, this holds too much weight (considering how we communicate) to be ignored in court. ” When you talk to someone in person, you hear the intonation of their voice, see the cringe of their face, and react to the movement of their body. Online, we have only words. “If I were texting or emailing you, you couldn’t get that,” says Tyler Schnoebelen, a linguist and the founder of Ibidon, which helps companies analyze and understand language data from emails, chats, and social media. “I might do other things—add emoji or emoticons, words like LOL, or include multiple vowels, like soooo, just so you have a sense of how I’m emoting.” Read the entire article here

Calling All Chocoholics! 

Ink, schmink. Sure you can write with it, but if you can’t eat it, who cares? Thanks to Skyrocket Toys you can now write in 100% pure chocolate ink bliss – and you can even change colors!  Check out the full story here.

Ready For The First iCar? 

According to Business Insider the first Apple car might not be too far off in the future! Some are surprised that Apple is going this route – but we think a company as innovative as Apple should definitely put their mark on the automotive industry. “Sir Jonathan Ive’s team of Apple designers has held regular meetings with automotive executives and creators in recent months, in some cases trying to hire them. Recent recruits to Apple’s team include the head of Mercedes-Benz’s Silicon Valley R&D unit. Read the entire story and get the scoop surrounding Apple’s secret automotive ambitions here.

Did we miss any of your favorite stories on the web this week? We hate missing out on a good thing, so let us know in the comments below! 











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