Smash Flash 10.30.13

Smash Flash 10.30.13

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Hot Off the Press

Tis the season for pumpkin spice, Jack-O-Lantern carvings and crisp new air! We’ve been in the fall spirit at SMASH and since fall traditionally stands for a “new harvest”,we did some new harvesting of our own. For those of you that haven’t been by our site in a while, make sure to check it out! From our clean design to our fresh content and classic look, we’ve upped the ante so you can increase your success! What’s more fall than a bountiful business?

As part of our campaign to get you in the game, we’re excited to announce hourly presentations! For those of you that have missed out on presentations due to lack of availability, time zone challenges or simply bad timing, we now have presentations available every hour on the hour! For more information stop by our website at

 You’re in business! Thanks to our brand spankin’ new Business Packages & Reseller Packages area, you can now identify your exact needs and choose a package from the choices our expert analysts and social media strategists have seamlessly put together for you. We have a package that suits every need and every budget! Check out the ‘Packages’ link on our website to boost your business and achieve your goals today!


Meet Your PVA

You know her as SMASH’s highly anticipated, most innovative feature yet.  She’s not just a Siri, she’s a siren. A CRM masterpiece that is as technologically advanced as a computer system, but as warm, welcoming and sales savvy as your favorite teammate or associate.

 As we prepare to launch our PVA into your life, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into creating a Personal Virtual Assistant. Who is the name behind the face? The personality behind the product?

 Last month, our week long shoot at SMASH headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah was nothing short of a pro Hollywood production. With O’Neill Productions on board to shoot, directed by SMASH’s Chief Business Development Officer Vivienne Russell and Creative Director, Laurie Wall as script supervisor, we were in full PVA mode and ready for our close up.

Some of you have asked to meet your PVA  and even submitted a few questions for her! We finally caught up with Jenny Beres, sat her down and revealed a little more about the process, the product and the person.

Q: To be considered as a PVA what kind of training does one have to have? Are you an executive admin in real life?

Jenny: <laughs> I am not. Truthfully, I am much better as a Virtual Assistant than I ever would be in a real-time office. Since we’re recording a system of actions and conversations  a PVA has with clients and contacts, I would say that the number one skill a PVA has to have is conversational authority. They have to be chatty, not ditzy.  Friendly, not forced. I also believe that a PVA has to understand the intention behind every word. Essentially, the PVA is directing the shape of the relationship. I have both on camera and screenwriting experience and those two skills were essential for this shoot.

Q: What do you do to prepare for a shoot like this?

Jenny: Since I am hands on with the screenwriting process, preparation has a lot to do with revisiting scripts, writing and editing them to suit the PVA’s personality. One key factor is making sure that they express exactly what the client needs to gather from the message. Also, I’m Italian so my preparation has a lot to do with pressed powder and oil blotting sheets!

Q: How long does a shoot like this take?

 Jenny: Longer than you ever anticipate and much shorter than the inevitable set disasters lead you to believe.

 Q: Set Disasters? Like what?

 Jenny: I’m not sure I should tape and tell! But I will say this, for those of you that are dying for a good laugh, SMASH will be releasing a blooper set from our PVA shoot(s). It’s sure to give you a hefty chuckle (and probably turn me 50 shades of red).

 Q: What is Your Favorite Part About Being A PVA?

 Jenny: My team. Hands down. Vivienne Russell is an extraordinary director. She has a strong theater background and her ability to draw talent from on-screen personality is uncanny. She and I worked closely together on the PVA project as a whole, so having her direct me was not just essential, but a natural fit. Vivienne has impeccable taste and artistic instinct, which allowed me to relax and trust her decisions.

O’Neill Productions is amazing. Steve is one of the most versatile production authorities in the business. Let me tell you, he knows how to light a set! The right lighting is a girl’s best friend. The wrong? Ouch! You’d be peering into my pores. Steve is also an accomplished actor, who sympathizes with the acting side of the shoot. He knows what to look for to make a personality appear and sound their best.

Laurie Wall was my right hand gal the entire shoot. She never let me look shiny, greasy, flatlined, pale lipped or static-haired. As vain as that all sounds, all of those details matter and make or break the overall production quality of a shoot. Laurie was very attentive to everyone’s needs and ensured that we all had exactly what was needed to get the job done..

Q: How did you become a PVA?

Jenny: If I remember correctly, I was working on the original PVA scripts last year and Vivienne and I chatted about potentially having me try it out! I submitted a test audition and the rest is history.

Q: What would you like to say to Smashers who are about to get their hands on this incredible feature?

Jenny: Be gentle! <laughs> I’m just kidding. I think the most important detail I would like  Smashers to know is that this project was crafted out of love. The PVA was never a Robot, or computer system mimicking a language it never understood. It was created from flesh and blood, to manage relationships the way caring, sympathetic and kind individuals would. There is empathy, passion, humor, compassion and ambition built into the PVA system, because she is real. All we did was automate her. You are not getting a Robot. You’re getting a heart.

About the Editor

Jenny Beres is a canine loving,

jill-of-all-trades-writer based in LA.

A skilled journalist, her work has been featured by CBS, Fox News, Yahoo News and various international  publications. A professional playwright and screenwriter, Jenny has enjoyed working with marvelously talented actors and directors and has successfully managed to avoid the shades of limelight that can turn a girl green. SMASH Solutions is thrilled and honored to have Jenny as a valued member of the SMASH family.

In the Spotlight

Personal Virtual Assistant At Your Service

When J.J. Ulrich and Vivienne Russell announced that SMASH was going to offer a Personal Virtual Assistant, we made history. Sure,

the world had seen a Siri. A voice,

a webmaster, someone who could navigate and find you the restaurant you were looking for, but never before had the world seen an automated relationship builder.

 Unlike Siri, our PVA has a name and a face. She greets your clients, entertains your friends and family and unlike any of her predecessors she is a proactive client finding, relationship courting, deal closing asset that allows you to grow and cultivate the business you want, while maintaining and enhancing the relationships you have.

 The process of building a feature as interactive as the PVA sometimes requires more than one trip to the drawing board. For SMASH it included many sketches, while learning how to have her automated within every moving piece of the SMASH system. She needs to learn your client base, know your calendar, sift through your tasks and so much more. What we ended up with, was not just an extraordinary piece of technological advancement, but a personality that you can be proud to take around town.

In case you forgot, here are the top reasons why having a PVA in your life just made your day a lot easier.


1. Streamlines your day by following up with contacts, clients and family members.

 2. Goes the extra mile. Birthday cards, appointment reminders,

holiday greetings, and so

much more.

 3. Integrated within your calendar system so you’re always

reminded of tasks, appointments and events.

 4. Potential clients and customers alike can make an appointment directly with your PVA, so

they never have to get sent to voicemail or stuck waiting on the line. And you never have to stop what you’re doing to handle appointment setting.

5. Industry specific campaigns. Your PVA is well versed in real estate, automotive and so much more so that you can target exactly who you’re trying to reach.

Biz Whiz

Hip Tips

3 Social Media Etiquette Rules To Live By

There’s an old saying that says, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Over at SMASH, social media Director, Lynn Carrillo, recommends that instead of focusing on “faking it,” learn the rules so you can “make it” faster!

Here are some of SMASH’s favorite social media tips to jump start you from novice to natural in no time!.

1.  Leave your relationship out of it.

There is nothing more distracting (and unprofessional) than changing your status from single, to it’s complicated, to engaged, to it’s complicated. Be professional, be personable, but be practical. Your steamy or stalled love life (or both) is not your client’s business. If they’re reading about your love life, they’re not reading about your company!

2.  You are what you eat.

Social Media mavericks are starting to kick back with memes, postcards and quotes criticizing those that post their lunch menu. Or after work snack. Unless you’re attracting a culinary crowd and you’re posting well-instagrammed pictures and recipes, the fact that you have nothing but “making a grilled cheese” updates, might mean your business is a little slow – and for a reason.

3.  Umm… Do I Know You?

Lynn Carrillo says it best during her Media Magnet class at Success University. “Social Media is like dating. You wouldn’t walk up to someone, introduce yourself and then ask for their hand in marriage. It’s weird. You don’t request someone as a friend and then post all over their wall, and bombard them with messages.” Go on, request someone as a friend, with a small note saying why you admire what they do. If they don’t respond. Drop it. Don’t send another message, don’t request them from another name. It’s simple. If you wouldn’t stalk them in real life, don’t stalk them in social media.

For more information visit us at   REGISTER TODAY!

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