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7 Positive Affirmations for Success and How They Work

You already know the saying, “I have to see it to believe it.” You may even subscribe to that phrase […]


The Rise of The Female Entrepreneur

Scooch over Bill Gates, Mark Z and Elon Musk – there’s a new head honcho in town and she’s changing […]

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How to Have an Awesome Monday

Oh, Sunday why you have to do us like that? We wait all week for your easy like Sunday morning […]

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How to Make The Most of Your Weekend

Hi Smashers! Ever wonder what Oprah and Bill Gates do on the weekends? Believe it or not, but the world’s […]


SEO Tips: Give Your SEO a Boost with The Booster Bar

Let’s talk SEO. Wait! Where are you going? Sure, those three little letters make anyone want to run and hide, […]


SMASH Goes Public!

Hi Smashers! Today is an exciting day for all of us at SMASH, especially for people like me who’ve been […]


5 Gadgets You Need in Your Life Now

Hi Smashers~ Who else gets exhausted sometimes by new technology? No sooner have I coughed up the funds and moved […]


Social Media Strategy: How to Beat Facebook Zero

Hey Smashers! How are you handling Facebook Zero? If that sentence made you roll your eyes, raise an eyebrow (or […]


Monday Motivation: How Can I Get More Energy?

Feeling a little sluggish this morning? As I write this, I can’t help but giggle because just a few hours […]


How to Clean Your Computer Screen

This might be embarrassing to admit, but I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my computer screen. Now some […]


5 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Mood

It happens to the best of us. Something in our day takes us off guard and suddenly our usual cheerful […]


Facebook Now Developing Virtual Reality Apps

Facebook is preparing to blow your mind. At the Code/Media  conference this week (and as reported by recode) Facebook CPO, Chris […]


Monday Motivation: Getting Organized

Oh, hello Monday, it’s you again. Since Mondays don’t exactly have the best reputation – we at SMASH took a […]


Friday Favorites: Emojis, Chocolate Pens and The First iCar?

It’s Friday! That means we’re counting down the hours ’til weekend fun and rounding up our favorite finds online! Want […]


Facebook After Death: New Feature Lets You “Will” Your Page

Forget about the will. When it comes to death and the digital world – who are you leaving your Facebook […]

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Social Media Management Blunders to Avoid

Unless you’ve deliberately avoided the social media and social media management revolution, then you probably already know how to post, […]

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5 Daily Habits of Successful People

Ever look at someone and wonder, what does she have that I don’t? Or maybe you wonder how some people […]


A Big SEO Boost!

Hi Smashers~   Chances are if you’re from the post-Google era with a business, a blog, a charity – an […]

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Social Media Sensation – We’re Baaaack!

Hi Smashers~   I know, I know – it’s been forever since we’ve blogged! There’s been a lot of exciting […]


Mastering Your Mornings

Hi Guys! I don’t know about you guys but it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed in the morning! Over the […]


Socially Awkward Online?

Hi guys! Do you ever feel like a wallflower at your OWN COMPUTER? I know this sounds bizarre especially since […]


Who is Jenny?

Hi guys! Who am I and what is up with this corner? You already have the obvious down, I’m Jenny, […]