A new breed of marketing

A new breed of marketing

Business owners are a unique bunch.  We love to get out, talk to people and show off a bit! Sometimes, a little bit too much.  When we love something, we get so excited that we tend to go completely overboard and push others away. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to tell you to get out there and get noticed! However, social media is a whole new breed, with a different set of teeth!

The nature of promotion and marketing has changed greatly over the last few decades.  Getting our business to the marketplace transformed from the traditional golf game or luncheon in the 60’s and 70’s to hiding behind our computers in the 80’s and 90’s.  At the turn of the century, print ads were the way to go and consequently we all got cozy marketing with print , emails and websites.  Once the economy flopped (and our wallets flipped) we started looking elsewhere (and anywhere) for inexpensive ways to get our great products into the hands of great consumers.

Over the last few years we’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to social media and networking groups are at an all time high. However, so is the confusion on how to achieve ultimate results. Where do you go to find the proper protocol to social media and networking events? Don’t think there’s social P’s and Q’s on these sites? Think again.

Let’s take just a moment and touch base on a couple things that may help clear the fog in this area.

The term social media isn’t as flamboyant as it sounds.  It simply means that it’s a website which allows personal interaction.  That’s it, it’s that simple.  There are however, a few items that should be done to make sure that what you are posting, on a social media site, will actually be seen.

First, remember to include the social aspect into your marketing.  Interact with people that you are connected to.  Ask personal questions and allow your “personal business” side to show.  Blocking or ignoring this interaction will revert you back to the disconnected email era and you’ll find that the hours you spent on your sites will be a waste of time.  In this economy, people are much more careful as to where they spend their money.  You’ll find that your potential clients like to do business with YOU,  not just your business company. They want to feel on the “inside”.

Second, sprinkle your business on the people you are connected with.  Be a little more than JUST business. All business, all the time is way too much for most consumers. Professionally personable is the way to go. Also ensure that you have a way to separate your business and personal pages, so that people can see both sides of your personality.

Finally, put potential clients into a specific group and keep this group separate from friends and family.  Keeping your personal and business separate when sending out business information, will stop you from being that person that everyone avoids at family functions.

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Here’s to you getting noticed online!

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  • Brian K Hill says:

    December 14, 2013 at 3:54 am


    Thanks for a great article. I have learned to use linkedin.com for my professional communications and facebook.com for my personal communication tool. Your well written article reinforced that I am on the right “personable” track. Just stay in touch with those I am building relationships with and utilize Smash media content rich materials to inform, educate and inspire a mix the two social media relationships I have built using content like the article you wrote.

    Thanks Lynn Queen of Smash and Social Media

    You Make us Smile:-)