A Big SEO Boost!

A Big SEO Boost!

Hi Smashers~


SEO_red_122827071Chances are if you’re from the post-Google era with a business, a blog, a charity – an anything you’ve tried to promote online, then you’ve seen these three little frustrating letters. 

In theory, search engine optimization makes sense: analyze the gaps online, plug in a few keywords, optimize your posts, your site – your life and voila! You should have increased traffic and more hits in say, the next year.

The next year?!

Oh…and that’s only if Google doesn’t get all feisty and whip up new algorithms, you know, just for fun.

SEO_Process_153071509For the business owner, SEO is the epitome of necessary evil. It ensures you don’t get left behind – if you can only figure out what not getting left behind entails. Now with social media directly influencing SEO stats, some business owners are scrambling just to get their Facebook pages in workable, optimized shape.

At SMASH, we were no exception. A young tech company looking to gain some traction and visibility online, we were frustrated by how long the process was taking. Not that we’re not patient – but we’re software developers, so if something doesn’t work for us – well, we just build what will!

And that’s exactly how the Booster Bar was born.

You probably already know all about our magic SEO magic wand a.k.a the SMASH Booster Bar. It dramatically increases your traffic, Alexa and search engine page rankings and builds brand authority online in just a matter of weeks, leaving you only one thing to think about… getting some relevant content out there and SMASH helps with that too. The Booster Bar is the rare SEO diplomat that plays nice with both Google and user while accomplishing the kind of results that can take SEO experts years to achieve.

So why am I writing about it now?

Business WomanWhat you might not know, is that the new white label, OEM Booster Bar is now available. That means your company can now offer the one-of-a-kind Booster Bar as your own revolutionary product or integrate it into your product or service! This white label is a game changer for web designers, social media firms, coders- anybody in web anything who wants to be among the elite few who can offer the only tool on the market that automatically dramatically improves SEO fast.

A true white label product, once it’s yours – it’s yours! SMASH’s branding appears nowhere on the bar and our white label clients are free to set their own price. We have some clients charging $599 a month per bar! The Booster Bar is placed invisibly on your client’s site and simply gets to work and you get to be the hero to your client! It’s really that easy!

We’d love to hear some success stories from our Booster Bar and OEM users? So…what’s your story? Tell us your success stories in the comments below – this is a product to chat about!

AND…If you haven’t tried the Booster Bar, what’s stopping you ? :)



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