5 Daily Habits of Successful People

5 Daily Habits of Successful People

Ever look at someone and wonder, what does she have that I don’t? Or maybe you wonder how some people seem to have it all? Do you define success as a stroke of luck that some people get hit with, and others never at all?wealthy woman 138290363

While success is defined differently for different people, there’s one thing everyone agrees on. Success isn’t a lucky strike, or an inherited opportunity. Success is habit. What you do on a daily basis decides what direction your life goes and what opportunities become available.

If you search the Internet you’ll find thousands of articles on what successful people do or don’t do, but reading a list of 50 things you MUST do is overwhelming and discouraging. Success isn’t a one-size fits all endeavor, but there are few things ALL successful people have in common. Here are three non- negotiable the habits of successful people. And you don’t have to take our word for it! A little bit of research on visible power players like Oprah (check out her personal success tips) Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs will show that there’s a lot of method to a habitual madness. 

1. Be An Early Bird

People who get up early and tackle their day simply get more done than those who wake up at noon. Getting up early also helps fight off depression and gives a healthier outlook on the day ahead! Take advantage of this tip by carving out at least 30 minutes of “me” time before checking emails and listening to voicemails, so you can plan what it is YOU would like to accomplish – before everyone else comes calling. 

2. Journalingpen-ink_antique_137189195

Successful people journal – it’s one of the creme de la creme daily habits of successful people. They write down their dreams, plan goals and revisit these journals regularly to see how far they’ve come. They also rely on a task manager for daily items, while breaking down their dreams into  and break down their dreams into small, actionable items that keeps them moving forward in the direction of their dreams. When dreams and long-term goals become part of the process, they don’t feel unattainable, or overwhelming. 

3. Exercise

Success takes stamina! Successful people know that working out produces a healthy mind, body and spirit! Forbes refers to this as “how successful leaders attain superhuman energy before most people wake up.” Training your body physically for your “marathon” helps keep your mind sharp and your body healthy, which is necessary for the kind of greatness you’re after. You know what they say, without your health you don’t have anything. Exercise also relaxes the brain and can reset an overwhelmed mind. Struggling with finishing a project? Take a walk. You’ll come back feels refreshed and ready to problem solve!

4. Know The Difference Between Urgent and Important 


Everything these days seems urgent, right? While our fast paced society makes it seem like every building is burning down at once, truly successful people know what items need to be addressed as a priority and which ones can wait. And the answer might actually surprise you! Here at SMASH, we adore marketing sensation Marie Forleo and her weekly, inspiring videos. Just recently, Marie addressed how to successfully prioritize in this video.  It’s literally ONE simple (but brilliant) trick that will keep you on track with your biggest business goals! Too many of us do what we think is urgent, and have nothing leftover for our own dreams and goals. This video fixes everything – and is one of the best daily habits of successful people you can adopt easily into your life NOW. 

5. Meditate 

You’ve probably heard the old zen proverb, “you should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” The Huffington Post  pointedly notes that “outrageously” successful people – like Rupert Murdoch, Padmasree Warrior and Bill Ford all meditate to improve creativity, productivity, calm their minds, renew energy and relieve stress. Meditation is proven to have amazing health and anti-aging benefits as well – such as lower blood pressure, lessens risk of heart disease and combats anxiety and depression. By the looks of these power players, we’d say meditation is definitely a keeper on the list of daily habits of successful people. 

Go on, try these simple, yet heavy-hitting suggestions on for size, and shape your daily habits in a healthy, success building way! 

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    March 11, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    Awesome article!

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