Press Release 4.4.13

Press Release 4.4.13

SMASH SOLUTIONS LAUNCHES SUCCESS University-FREE Social Media & Personal Development Courses

Salt Lake City, UT,-April 4, 2013: SMASH Solutions, the creators of the much anticipated all-inclusive business suite, just announced the launch of Success University, a social media and personal development training series of events developed to maximize the effectiveness of social media marketing and personal growth.

A six-day event, Success U focuses on elite training that provides a roadmap for students to learn the inner workings of social media marketing. Participants are given step-by step instruction to setting up as many social sites as they wish, 20, 50, even more than 100, and then set those sites on auto pilot to build a network of endless leads. Additionally, Success U offers specific coaching on time management, profile building, active goal-setting and a practical approach to dream realization through one-of-a-kind ‘vision videos’.

“The purpose of this dynamic, free training is to teach followers how to boost their marketing success using social media and the tools we provide them. We are very passionate about our mission, ‘Success Made Simple’, and we are excited to offer this training to anyone who has a desire to leverage the magic of social media,” confirmed SMASH Solutions Chief Operations Officer, Vivienne Russell.

“ In the future Success U training will be available to the public through private invitation only, however, between now and the middle of May, anyone can take advantage of what our expert trainers have to offer” added Russell.

Cindy Corales, a Success U student added, “I didn’t realize how simple it was to use social media to create leads. I had seen online classes offered for up to $600 to learn the secrets, but I could never afford to enroll. Success U is teaching all that and even more, for free! It has completely changed how I will market my business.”

Lynn Carrillo, Social Media Director for SMASH Solutions commented on the personal effect that social media has on one’s business. “The essence of social media blends modern relationships with a classic feel. The era of personalized service is not dead, just because we sit behind computer screens. If anything, the demand for that personal touch is larger than ever. Social media allows me to manage over 6,000 relationships and provides me with the viral capabilities I need to stay competitive. The structure itself encourages one on one, personal interactions.”

This free training is not available elsewhere and for a limited time available to everyone.

For more information about Success University or to get registered, go to . Private invitation code: SMASH

About SMASH Solutions:

SMASH Solutions is a high tech software development company dedicated to providing the latest technology and marketing strategies to business owners looking to streamline and simplify their business. Their all-inclusive, automated business toolset is set to launch in May 2013.

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