Press Release 3.25.13

Press Release 3.25.13


Salt Lake City, UT – March 25, 2013: VIP Business Services, an international marketing and software development consulting firm, announced today that the much anticipated Beta launch of their revolutionary software, SMASH, that has been in development for over two years.

J.J. Ulrich, founder and CEO of SMASH Solutions stated, “This state-of the art system, provides unprecedented tools all in one place. These ‘next-gen’ tools include a unique Smart Contact Relationship Management system, integrated Task & Event Management, Integrated Calendar System, Social Media Buzz Wall, Campaign Manager, Cloud SMASH Drive/Drop Box, Fully Customizable Training Room, Sales Funnel, Video Email, Video Conferencing and a Person Virtual Assistant system that helps the users cultivate and elevate relationships on auto pilot. All of this is FREE! Guaranteed, you’ve never seen anything like Smash.”

Lynn Carrillo, the Social Media Director for SMASH Solutions added, “This system is incredible. When this software rolls out, if it’s even half of what they have shown in the trainings, then we are looking at the next Google or Facebook.”

Besides boasting a FREE all-inclusive business suite, SMASH offers simplicity in design, user friendly handling and the entire system is cloud accessible from any device.

“We’ve had a remarkable response to the news of our upcoming launch. Hundreds of sign-ups every week are adding to the thousands of members we already have on board. We’re excited, they’re excited! SMASH revitalizes personal relationships and their vital role in cutting-edge technology,” said Ulrich.

Due to the size and complexity of this enterprise system, SMASH will launch a Beta version of the software including Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Events modules the first part of May 2013 and then release additional modules each month.

“Releasing SMASH in a phased approach, module by module is considered ‘best practices’ and will ensure that each component of SMASH is fully tested and functional going forward. SMASH is so massive, in its entirety it could take up to a year to fully launch.” Added SMASH Solutions Chief Operations Officer, Vivienne Russell.
To register for the upcoming launch of this incredible system, visit


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